I know. I know. It’s been a long time. Last year was an intense one for me on many levels both personal and professional. Fortunately, coinciding with all of that, I have been very busy cooking up creative artistic adventures for myself. So, “What’s New?”, you may ask.  For one thing,  the website has been wonderfully revamped by the brilliant Mark Gordon. Please ask me for his info if you are in need of some assistance in that area. I have added a new gallery and new works to the other galleries. I have also unleashed another piece of my creative personality.

I have always been interested in becoming an announcer, narrator and/or a popular cartoon character so when an opportunity arose last year to become a part of an upcoming video game, I was more than excited to be given a chance. I am pleased to say that although I didn’t wind up as the character I had hoped, I also didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. Stay tuned for information on the launch of the game. Please check out the new tab titled Voiceover to check out my commercial voiceover demo reel. It’s the latest addition to my creative repertoire.

There’s more art in the works, an exiting voiceover expo on the horizon and a possible written component on the way. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t wait to share the many new creative realms I discover within myself. ~Madnaloy