Often referred to as a “Nouveau Bohemian”, Madnaloy is a self-taught artist whose work evokes a magical, abstract, surrealist atmosphere microsoft silverlight herunterladen. Her vivid imagination and provocative sense of humor make every drawing a unique and personal reflection of her spirit.

Preferring pen and ink on paper and brush and India ink on canvass she creates work which ranges from whimsical and complex to metaphysical and spiritual orf tvthek beitrag herunterladen. In her images reality and the fantasy worlds collide to create a set of visual stories, which convey something unique to each viewer.

Madnaloy was born into a family that always encouraged art as a form of expression and a means to creating a well -rounded individual firefox. She not only creates abstract art but, “Art in many forms”; be it voiceovers, singing, writing, teaching…  the arts often and still are a part of her life experience herunterladen. Most of her early years were spent dealing with life as a military “brat”. Attending four High Schools in three different states was difficult. Fortunately, whether sketching in the suburbs of Austin, singing on the noisy trains in Philly or writing on the buses of LA, Art has been her consistent source of companionship Teams download for mac.

She currently resides in Los Angeles.