My last post  on blogspot mentioned my discontent at sitting on the side lines of creativity and a set of “whirlwind events” which led up to my having 2 pieces of art in a group showing herunterladen. I felt that this post should describe those events in a bit more detail as Saturday was one of the major highlights of my reality.

I have always been artistically inclined geburtstagskarte zum downloaden. I love to sing. I did voice overs for and performed in school plays. I also love to draw. When I was younger I drew in pencil and it was primarily jungle scenes herunterladen. Maze upon maze of swirling, entangled leaves of varying sizes filled all the pages of my sketchbooks. As I grew and changed so did the pages of my book herunterladen. I replaced pencil with pen and leaves with lines and curves and mazes.

I was the child that could be set in front of an etch a sketch at dawn and would be there when you returned at sunset herunterladen. Drawing took me into a space less complicated than where I was. It helps organize the constantly swirling thoughts in my mind. It calms me. It inspires me sky ticket herunterladen. It makes me happy.

Art is personal as well. It is an extension of yourself that you want to have accepted by others. It is that part of you which you don’t always feel will be allowed to roam free kostenlose techno musiken. It is essentially many pieces of you floating around. Usually your friends will accept it even if they don’t understand it but others, others may not music on android.

My friends have always accepted and appreciated my work. They have often told me to let it loose upon society and I have smiled but not quite believed I could or should windows 10 boot stick downloaden. It is with their confidence in me and a growing confidence within myself that my new journey into the creative side of me has begun.

In December all of my friends, without previous discussion, gave me materials for art run app download. From carrying cases and pens, to easels and gift cards, all aspects of the art supply were covered. The biggest push that Christmas, was the book  2012 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and the words “Do Something!”

In January The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City held a seminar titled “Get Hung” which was my book come to life only with an actual gallery owner and individuals in the field to guide and answer questions for you. February offered up birthday gifts and gallery study. March offered a volunteer opportunity which brought me to the Art 4 All People Gallery in Malibu. While volunteering I became aware of a Call for Artists on the theme of the Mother Archetype. I applied. At the end of April I was informed that 2 of my 3 submitted pieces had been accepted into a group show. On the first of  May my work was hung in a gallery. On the 19th of May I attended my first ever Artist Reception which included my first ever artist talk.


I am still in a dream state. Focusing on something despite the voices in your head telling you “NO” is incredibly difficult. Taking that first step towards your dreams is the most difficult. Continuing down the path despite adversity is tricky. Cultivating your possibilities requires confidence in yourself, your gifts, your abilities and a strong support system. I have the strongest support. My friends are the greatest and I appreciate them dearly. I am thankful for that enormous kick in the backside they gave me for none of this would have started without it. I am going to continue down this path. My journey is just beginning.