Welcome to 2015. I hope everyone made it here safely. Last year was a good one for all things Madnaloy. I began the year by being  featured in the Special Recognition category of the All Women Art Exhibit from the Light, Space and Time Online Gallery. I received this for my piece “Woodland Warrior”.  The Spring gave me the opportunity to be a part of the Affair of the Arts in Culver City. A wonderful event sponsored by the Whole 9 Gallery. In the fall I proudly participated in Project Angel Food’s 25th Anniversary of GET ART, the curated benefit art sale connecting budding and experienced collectors with emerging and established artists in a vibrant atmosphere. “Mother of All that Matters” found a new home with a gentleman who took her to New York to hang with fellow contemporary and classic artists.  The year ended with my participation in The Peace Project’s annual project for peace. This year the recipients of their fundraising help were  a community on Bantayan Island in the Philippines. “Guitar III” helped with the building of 40 homes for this area.


2015 has a great deal to live up to and hopefully it will not only equal in last year’s success but exceed it as well. Wishing everyone a beautiful new year filled with peace, happiness, love and magic. To dream is easy. Dare to make them come true is what you must do.